A First Look at DU's College Sports Direct Streaming (Updated)

by Dave Morus

I was pretty busy this evening, but I had the chance to watch some of the women’s soccer game against Saint Francis on the new free streaming service. There were good points and bad points, but overall it is a positive – there were no options to view these games remotely in the past. Oh, and the women won, 1-0, on a goal by A. J. Baroffio in overtime. SFU was picked to finish at the top of the NEC, so this is a great way to start off the season.

Anyway, I really didn’t get to watch more than several minutes in the second half before I was on to my next errand, so this isn’t really about the game. Let’s talk about DU Direct!

The Good

The quality of the video was quite good, and my evidence of that is the clarity of the Duquesne logo in the center of the field. Attempts to grab a good screenshot failed, but I’ll try to add on from the Pitt game on Sunday if I have the opportunity. It was difficult to see numbers, and I have no idea how one will see a lacrosse ball, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

The Bad

There was significant glare from the stadium lights. The camerawork was jerky and sometimes the divider between the windows was right in the middle of the action. The lower overhang on the pressbox blocked all of the action below the near sideline. Not a big problem for football, but the soccer field extends beyond that point.

The Unanswered

Will the same vantage point be used for all games? Will they do as they do for the basketball games and sync the audio with the football broadcasts? @GoDuquesne says that it will be the same vantage point, so I remain concerned about the lights and the window dividers. Hopefully these questions, and those like them, will be answered soon.

In the meantime, make sure you watch the women’s soccer team take on Pitt on Sunday! The game’s at Rooney, and if you’re not coming up, you can stream it for free! Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think.

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