Duke of the Week: Erin Waskowiak

Most of the time, the Duke of the Week will need to star in a game rather than as a person. In the case of Erin Waskowiak taking the first steps to getting her life back in order and not giving up after a major injury gets her our weekly honor.

In case you missed the article from the PG,  Waskowiak is recovering after her brother struck her with the family car causing a compound fracture of her tibia. According to the piece, she’s already focused on her return to the court even if she has a couple more surgeries to go. She withdrew from her classes in the fall to concentrate on her physical therapy. At the moment, I don’t think anyone can truly say how full a recovery she will make. I hope she makes it all the way back to basketball for her sake not for the team’s.

Waskowiak possesses the kind of mental toughness and fortitude I hope Duquesne coaches will strive to bring to campus in bunches. Her character through her ordeal so far is remarkable and I wish I had half her guts. Best of luck to Erin Waskowiak, our Duke of the Week.


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