NEC Roundup - 6th Edition!

It’s our 6th time out with the NEC Roundup, so lets see how the league did today. This is an interesting one, as we finally get into heavy conference play now.

Without further ado…

Duquesne 27, West Liberty 14

We don’t do Cliff Notes! Go check out our write-up here. Then watch for our big follow-up article tomorrow morning. We’ll also be talking about this on the podcast this week.

Wagner 23, SHU 20

At one point, the Seahawks were up 20 – 3, but then Sacred Heart remembered that they still want people to think that they’re good and tied it up at 20. Wagner won on a field goal with four seconds left on the clock. Both teams really needed a win, and if Sacred Heart was as good as advertised, they’d have shown it against a Wagner defense that has been exposed over and over again this year.

Wagner is now 1 – 1 in the conference and heads to Duquesne next week. SHU is now tied for last place in the conference despite their 5 – 1 record.

Monmouth 35, RMU 9

RMU started out with a 7 – 0 lead, and it was all downhill from there for the Colonials, who were ultimately unremarkable in any phase of the game. The offense failed to register a point after the initial touchdown and the defense was repeatedly manhandled.

The Colonials were also hampered by 11 penalties.

CCSU 38, SFU 29

This looked like a snoozer as the Blue Devils took a 28 – 3 lead into the half, but the Red Flash came back in a, well, flash during the second half, twice closing the gap to less than a touchdown. Central Connecticut put the nail in the coffin with a touchdown run by Holloman just before the two minute warning.

Stony Brook 21, Bryant 13

Bryant’s Mike Westerhaus had a second consecutive mediocre week, and this time it cost them. Stud RB Paul Caneveri was limited to a handful of yards. This game was almost 27 – 13, but Stony Brook missed a pair of field goals. Stony Brook was a very good team last year, going 10 – 3, so they’re experienced. This isn’t a bad loss for the Bulldogs, though game tape may be informative as far as limiting Caneveri.

* * *

So, another week closes. Wagner makes a statement, and Bryant and SHU need to find an answer. The Dukes need to do the same. The rest of the conference will trade body blows, but it is likely those four teams that will vie for the title in the end – if they can put together complete efforts.

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