Devin Rahming grabs a pass from Dillon Buechel early in the fourth quarter against Wagner.

Duke of the Week: Devin Rahming

What does it take to be Duke of the Week? We don’t have definite criteria. We know it when we see it, and Devin Rahming had “it” last Saturday with Duquesne’s first punt returned for a touchdown since Joe Rosato did it against Iona way back in 1997.

I think that qualifies!

Devin Rahming went 62 football yards on his way to the touchdown, but his weaving and juking down the field means that he ran for far more. This really broke the game open for the Dukes.

This was not the only way that he contributed to the win. Rahming pulled in a great pass by Buechel early in the fourth quarter that moved the chains 16 yards to the two yard line, setting up Ryan Ho’s touchdown run and the beginning of fourth quarter scoring. Rahming nearly had a touchdown himself on that play, but the official ruled him out of bounds – a questionable call from our vantage point.

It was his 18 yard punt return late in the fourth quarter that put the Dukes on the Wagner 40 and set the stage for Ethan Dorsey’s 40 yard touchdown run that put the Seahawks away.

Rahming finished with 134 all-purpose yards, leading the Dukes in that category. His three receptions for 27 yards were key catches, two of them coming on the Q4 touchdown drive and both resulting in first downs. He did not miss a ball that was thrown his way.

His punt returning was obviously a spark for the Dukes. Even shorter returns showed him with a good eye for where holes were going to open and a general elusiveness. The Dukes ought to consider putting him back for kickoff returns and allowing either Ho our Douglas to focus solely on running back duties.

Congrats, Devin, and we look forward to seeing some more explosive returns from you!

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