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2275318215_ee2b1977bb_oNext up for the Duquesne Football Dukes are the Colonials of Robert Morris University. RMU, sitting at 2-3, has had a fantastically so-so year to this point.

Recalling the season previews, it was said that, based upon last year: “RMU is simply OK at many facets of the game. They can be run on, they can be thrown on. The defense is fine, but unspectacular…the Colonials are again decent, if unspectacular, at running and at passing.”

This has proven to be the case this year. Robert Morris is fine. That’s about it. I keep thinking of ways to emphasize the general ok-ness of the team, but all that comes to mind is this clip:

To emphasize the point:

  • RMU was handily defeated by a Monmouth team that was just beaten convincingly by Saint Francis. I know that it gets a bit fiddly trying to compare teams in that way, but Monmouth isn’t that great this year.
  • The Colonials barely survived a bad VMI team, and it took multiple overtimes to do it.
  • Their lone convincing win came against the hapless Morgan State
  • The teams they’ve lost to are 10-9; only one (Dayton who seems to be slightly better than we thought) has a winning record. The teams they’ve beaten are a combined 2-10.
  • QB Paul Jones has thrown an interception in each game this year. His stats are not too different from previous starter Jeff Sinclair.
  • No one has really stepped forward. Starting wideouts Jeter and Mitchell are on pace to do what they did last year, around 500 to 600 yards apiece, though their touchdowns are down.
  • The running backs are getting fewer yards per game than last year’s already medium-sized output.
  • The defense is sacking at about the same clip, but not getting as many turnovers.
  • They’re scoring a point per game more than last year, but give up more than a point per game more than last year.

RMU is only fair to middling, and they’re really not that different from last season. However, they are balanced, and that is the danger. This is a team that beat Duquesne last year, after all, close game though it was.

Running and passing are equally possible and equally likely to be effective. The defense will need to be on the lookout for anything. They’ve attempted to run the ball 152 times, and one quarterback or another (mostly Paul Jones, though) has dropped back to pass 156 times.

Defensively, this team is capable of bringing down the QB. They tackle well and can force fumbles. The Dukes will need to be very careful with the football.

Stay tuned, Dukes fans. Our coverage of the RMU game continues tomorrow with the five keys to victory!

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