Nesbitt's MBB Blog Article

PG beat writer Stephen Nesbitt wrote an article for the Dukes Dispatches blog that details several noteworthy items that Dukes fans need to pay attention to. Check out the article here, and our reactions below.

  • Jordan Robinson and Isaiah Watkins haven’t practiced. Watkins is having issues going back to surgery he had earlier this year. The surgery we knew about, the fact that he still isn’t ready is troubling. The surprising element here is Robinson, who hasn’t practiced due to eligibility concerns. If these two can’t go, that spells bad news for depth among the forwards. It could also mean that any developmental redshirts, as some fans have theorized may happen, wouldn’t work out because the team would need the personnel.
  • Micah Mason is expected to be ruled eligible, and Ferry seems to indicate that Duquesne will fight it if it comes back otherwise. I don’t think anyone can disagree with the sentiment. There’s no way to describe Mason’s situation as anything other than hardship. If the NCAA doesn’t rule in his favor, they’re nuts.
  • Ferry thinks the team is better right now then they were at the same point last year. If it were otherwise, that would be a big problem. Still, the team does look better on paper and much more suited to succeed in Ferry’s system. Depth beyond the starting five could be an issue, though, especially with the Robinson/Watkins situation.
  • There was a lot said about chemistry and some positive comments about that. Its easy for things to be positive right now, but with a bunch of new players this is good to hear. Nesbitt also indicated that there’ll be a piece featuring Soko coming on Monday.
  • Some fans will hate it, but Ferry stressed patience with the progression of the program. I agree with him. These changes are long haul changes. There are a few short-term transfers that he’s brought in, but for the most part those are stopgaps or complimentary pieces, not feature players. Doing it right takes time, and I’m willing to give him that. Past attempts at rebuilds ultimately fizzled partially because the impact players were here for one or two years. In-house player development is a must if the Dukes are to see any success.
  • Lots of positivity about White. He’s going to be a fun player to watch. I look forward to seeing what develops between Colter and White, and how it works when they dish it in to Soko or McKoy. Could have some fun ball movement this fall.

Obviously, we’ll be watching the situation with Jordan Robinson and Isaiah Watkins closely, and we’ll all be waiting for the news about Micah Mason. Mr. Nesbitt indicates that coverage is about to ramp up, so that should be a blast! The season really is approaching quickly.

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