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IMG_0480It’s time to take a look around the interwebs at the Duquesne/Bryant matchup and some Duquesne football news in general.

First things first – to listen to the game, go to 1320 on your radio dial or guide your browser to RedZone Media. The action starts at 1:00.

Bryant’s game preview mentions nothing about their missing running backs McCray and Canevari. Both have disappeared without a single mention over the past month. Very strange.

Especially because Duquesne is willing to mention an injury in their own preview article. Sean Brady has been on the shelf because of an injury. Dukes fans know and love him for his amazing catch during week one, and we certainly hope that he is able to recover and get back out there for the Dukes.

Of course, no gameday would be complete without a review of our Bryant preview and our five keys to victory. If you missed those, give ‘em a read. If you already read ‘em, read ‘em again!

Finally, some cool little Duquesne snippets:

Duquesne Athletics did very well in their GSR ratings, stating in this article by PG beat writer Stephen Nesbitt that their overall score of 89 is a record high in the history of the Graduate Student Ranking. Not too shabby for our Dukes. He goes on to note that the men’s basketball team matched their best total from the past and had a four point bump from last year.

Rich PICK-arski got a nice albeit brief mention in his hometown paper in the wake of the RMU game, noting his 10 tackles and mentioning that he had a “huge day.” He really did. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten to use the PICK-arski name since the Albany game, but he remains an impact player for the Dukes even if his achievements are a bit quieter.

Ok, that looks like everything! Don’t forget to check back here for news and updates for the DU/Bryant game. We’ll try to have a gameday thread going on the forum and we’ll be tweeting as much as possible – @DuquesneDave. Go Dukes!

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