NEC Week 10: Dukes in the Driver's Seat

Week 10 was another crazy week in the NEC. The weird tendency towards inconsistency noted last week continued. Wagner continues to search for answers. The conference is still close, but with their win yesterday, Duquesne controls their own destiny – as long as they keep winning games. Let’s take a look at what went on this past weekend in the Northeast Conference.

Duquesne 21, SFU 10:

This one was much needed for the Dukes, who managed to stop star running back Kyle Harbridge in his tracks. Read about the rest here and here if you missed the two wrap-up articles!

Sacred Heart 24, Monmouth 21:

In a game that would have mattered last year, Sacred Heart took down former conference foe Monmouth, who fell to 4-5 in their campaign as an independent. Sacred Heart played pretty poorly – stud back Keshaudas Spence had only 42 yards on the ground. A fumble recovery that went 52 yards for a score was the difference as Monmouth’s comback bid fell just short. Duquesne faces the Pioneers next week in an important game for SHU, who is looking to get back on the right side of .500 in the conference.

CCSU 52, Wagner 17

Things keep getting worse for preseason favorite Wagner, who fell to 1-5 in the conference. CCSU ended the game with four consecutive fourth quarter touchdowns. Wagner’s Dominique Williams couldn’t gain much useful yardage, while CCSU’s running back Rob Holloman had another stellar week, with 147 yards and 4 TDs. Unlike some of the other teams in the NEC with talented RBs, Central Connecticut was not one-dimensional. Their QB, Nick SanGiacomo, was also excellent. He completed 22 of 25 passes in the win.

It’s a good thing that Duquesne had some practice stopping Kyle Harbridge, because they will face SHU’s spence and CCSU’s Holloman in consecutive weeks.

RMU 24, Bryant 3

Bryant loses to RMU in a game that only adds to the puzzle that is the NEC in 2013. To be fair, though, RMU didn’t give Bryant the turnovers that Duquesne gave them. Quite the opposite, in fact. Bryant QB Westerhaus threw three picks in this game. This was an ugly one.

* *

Duquesne, RMU, and CCSU all have one loss at this point. Duquesne owns the head-to-head tiebreaker against RMU, and owning it against CCSU would be ideal. We’re late in the season – by Week 10, the Dukes only have two conference games left. If Duquesne can beat SHU next week and CCSU the week after that, a conference title is assured. Anything less and they’ll need help from some other teams.

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