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There’s a lot to keep track of for the big game against Sacred Heart.

First, it’s a big game for the NEC and will be nationally televised on ESPN3. Duquesne can go a long way towards solidifying their quest for an NEC championship with a win.

Of course, ESPN3 is a streaming channel, and it’s very easy to get a live broadcast of every one of these games via sources like NEC Front Row.  So while it is perhaps just a fancier stream of the game, having the four-letter network behind it is nonetheless a boon.

First, for those of you looking to watch, here is a direct viewing link for the ESPN3 broadcast.

Second, a possible major setback for SHU if Keshaudas Spence isn’t 100%.

During the game in question, Spence had 16 carries for just 40 yards, far below his usual output. A limited Spence impacts the Sacred Heart offense quite a lot, so it will be interesting to see how that unfolds.

Our coverage here and here gives a nice preview of Sacred Heart and what the Dukes are going to have to do to win. Spoiler: A lot of that is stopping Keshaudas Spence.

Sacred Heart beat Monmouth last week, but it wasn’t without quite a lot of help. The Pioneers got notice on Deadspin this week when a wideout fumbled, forced the other team to fumble the fumble recovery run, and then scored a touchdown. Understand? Good; explain it to me please. It’s all clearer if you watch the video. A very mediocre Monmouth team could have beaten them had it not been for this freak play. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen anything quite like it.

If you’re looking to do a little opposition research, here’s what Sacred Heart’s own athletic site has to say about the game. Fairfield, Connecticut has a newspaper that allegedly covers SHU, except that their coverage section hasn’t been updated since their opening game against Marist. Whoops.

Dorian Bell went wild in the SHU game last year, and hopefully he can do so again – the Dukes need it!

Check back here for our coverage of this game, the basketball opener, and everything else under the Duquesne sun. Go Dukes!

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