Darius Lewis puts up a free through late in the season opener against Abeline Christian.

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Steve collected his thoughts on the Dukes vs. Abeline Christian in the postgame article found here. I’d like to do a little bit of the same. This was a fun game, and there was a better than expected showing from the students, and a lot of enthusiasm among them as well. Their random floating heads were pretty interesting, and using an MC to control the floor on a lot of the time outs is slowly growing on me. I’ve never seen a more energetic t-shirt toss. But enough of that – let’s talk about the game.

  • Everyone else has talked about the two different halves; I know how Ferry characterized it during postgame. Still, it looked more like the Dukes didn’t want to step on ACU’s throats rather than a lack of execution. Appearances can be deceiving of course, but that’s how it often looked. Especially since they seemed to stop worrying about pushing it in transition.
  • The hustle that this team showed in the first half – wow. This team MOVES. Everywhere. They’re going to take their lumps but they’re also going to be fun to watch.
  • I was surprised at how in sync the team seemed despite so much youth and so many new pieces.
  • Don’t read too much into ACU’s Hawkins dropping 26. 11 of those were from the foul line.
  • No one is going to say that we’re a tall team, but we have WAY more height than we’ve had in a while and you will definitely notice that if you’ve followed the team for more than a little while.
  • The Dukes shot 50% from the field (30 – 58) AND got 10 offensive rebounds. That’s a good offensive effort.
  • There were a few times that White had his pocket picked, and that concerns me a little. Surely the staff caught that too and they’ll address it as needed.
  • Very impressed with Soko’s ability to draw fouls and then make it count from the line.
  • I thought that Lewis was ok. He is definitely raw, but has more short-term potential than we may have initially suspected. If he can get decent positioning and pull down rebounds, he’ll be able to give some quality minutes right away. You could see Coach Rhodes taking time to point things out to him, and he also appears to have a lot of self-awareness.
  • L.G. Gill quietly fouled out. I didn’t even notice at the time. He played aggressively, but was perhaps a bit out of control at times.
  • Another great thing to see was how much support these guys give one another. Lewis lept out of his chair on that Ridenour dunk. One or two players ran off the bench during that first time out to congratulate the team. These guys seem to care about one another, and that’s great.

I’m really looking forward to getting the preview up for UNH and getting to that game next Wednesday.

Oh, whoever designed this year’s schedule poster did a heck of a job – that’s some stellar art direction. If you’re curious about the image, have a look at the splash page for GoDuquesne – no guarantee as to how long it stays up, so I took a screenshot for you. GREAT work here, DU. Make sure you grab one at the next home game!

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