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Recruiting Recap 11/15: The Fall Class

The fall signing period opened on Wednesday, but has stayed even quieter than last year. Around the middle of October, Rene Castro picked Butler over Duquesne and having put a lot of his eggs in one basket, the decision left Jim Ferry looking for a backup plan. We began hearing the name Jon Severe and the coaching staff convinced him to visit hoping for a last minute coup. If there is late activity like that in recruiting this year following 2014 primary target Ryan Luther’s committment to Pitt, we don’t know about it. While I assume the coaching staff is still on the recruiting trail, the targets remain veiled and activity has occurred on the down low, a rare feat in the world of social media.

Names have fallen off the board rapidly as one would expect in mid November.  Chaise Daniels picked Quinnipiac and Satchel Pierce will make his decision soon between Marquette. Pitt and Miami. It seems like I see fifteen tweets a day about JUCOs picking a school. Nothing has come up for Duquesne.

In general, I feel like recruiting 2014 has kept a much lower profile than it did last year. The class doesn’t have a player like Andrew Wiggins. It might not have a Jabari Parker. The top prospects aren’t even getting the hype that Severe got last spring. This is completely observational, but it doesn’t feel like the class of 2014 has as much depth or top end talent as it did last year. As a result, I think the usual scouting gurus have withdrawn a little bit.

At the moment, Duquesne has one verbal commitment from Eric James and they had one last fall as well. For a school like Duquesne, locking down the players they like in the November is essential as BCS schools looking for their plans B and C’s start picking off long time mid major targets. In the spring, Duane Notice goes from an A-10 player to an SEC player. Caris Levert the year before goes from the MAC to Michigan. The coaching staff can still pull off recruiting wins but the job gets harder and harder.

If Duquesne gets another signee for the fall, it would surprise me only because the normally bubbly recruiting media has fallen asleep on revealing the Duquesne recruiting Plan B. The coaching staff went all in on the Luther’s and came up short. Eventually, they’ll be the bride and land one of the guys high on their list. Until then, the fall signing period will stay uneventful especially when they miss out of their top target in late October.


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