First Impression: Dominique McKoy

Generally, my first impressions posts come after I watch a player in a less structured environment. In the four times I’ve seen Dominique McKoy, NCAA officials called all of them with the exception of the open practice. This provides me with a slightly better jumping off point as he’s facing NCAA players playing NCAA defense with NCAA refs compared to the Pro – Am which looks like the NBA All Star game with less skill. I can make stronger conclusions about the former Rhode Island Ram turned JUCO transfer than I could the other Duquesne newcomers, but I’ll stick to the usual script for the sake of consistency.

Athleticism/Physical Makeup

McKoy is a slim, long forward playing slightly out of position at center. He uses his athleticism to his advantage, but I would not describe him as explosive. He may struggle against heavier and more experienced big men since he’ll give up 20-50 pounds to a lot of them.


With the exception of one three, McKoy has mostly stayed at home on both ends. He looks most comfortable and plays his best along the baseline and near the basket.

Effort to Output

McKoy looks like he’s giving everything he’s got, but he’s also provided better than expected results so far. He rebounds well on the offensive end and has gotten open for easy looks.

Decision Making

McKoy stays within himself and sticks close the basket. He has faced up and driven to the hoop a few times. While he can do it, scoring off the dribble doesn’t look as polished as other parts of his game. In two real games, he has one turnover and one assist.

Player Comparison

I don’t think McKoy is as good as Chris Wright and he certainly won’t be romanticized by the A-10 community the same way the Dayton forward was. However, between body type and playing style, I think they fit the same mold. They both perform their best around the hoop, but they can drive and draw contact as well. At the pace Jim Ferry wants to play, I don’t think it’s out of the question that McKoy matches Wright’s usual 13 point, 7 rebound performance next year. Of course, that won’t get McKoy any league awards or a shot in the NBA like it did Wright who road those four stars out of the high school to the League.

First Year Outlook

I think Dominique McKoy could provide steady performances for the Dukes this year and take a bigger role next season. He has soft hands, finishes well and to this point has played very efficiently. Truth told, he looks better than I expected and Oral Roberts would have stolen a great Southland player had he committed to the evangelist diploma factory. To me, he looks like a legit Atlantic 10 player and from what I’ve seen, he’d start or play a major role off the bench for Rhode Island had he stayed. McKoy could realistically provide the Dukes with 8-10 points and 6-8 rebounds, but his teammates will need to share the ball better.

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