WVU vs Duquesne 96-83

Well the first 34 minutes looked promising.

The Good

I thought Duquesne looked like the better team in the post. How many times have we gotten to say that against a BCS school in the last … ever?

The Bad

I thought that the Dukes back court with the exception of Micah Mason played poorly. Way too many turnovers, not enough strong ball movement, and poor defending. Also didn’t penetrate as well as I’d like against a pretty soft WVU defense.

The Ugly

First half defense looked scary. Dukes collapsed in the paint way to quickly against the dribble drive leaving an easy kick outside and a wide open three. I don’t mind it happening every so often but it happened on four out of seven possessions at one point. On a fifth possession in that sequence, poor perimeter D also led to an easy layup. You wouldn’t know it looking at the final score, but it got much better in the second until the final six minutes.

Close second: The Dukes finishing from the 8-5 minutes mark in the second half. Lots of open looks with nothing to show.

The Moment I Knew It Was Over

I watched the game at Red Ring with Rogabee and Terry Henderson’s made three at 5:38 pretty made me signal to our server to pay. I thought the Dukes had a daunting task to comeback from seven down. Ten felt like too much.

Play of the Game

Nothing really stands out here, so I’m going with Mason’s four point play. Gave the Dukes a burst of momentum that carried over to the second.

Dirty Moment That the Eastern Pennsylvania in Me Enjoyed

I didn’t think Ovie Soko’s flagrant elbow was that flagrant but at least Staten will wake up with a sore jaw.

Credit Where Its Due

I’ve never liked Eron Harris but he had a great game tonight and really rose to the occasion after being a high volume killer against Virginia Tech.

Player of the Game

Staten may have played one of his best collegiate games. Hard not to pick him.

Parting Thoughts

The Dukes have enough weapons that they can get by with a bad performance from one of three key players but they can’t afford to have two out of three play poorly. They have the talent to win in the A-10, but they won’t do it until they regularly get more consistency, stronger defense and some semblance of structure to the offense. When I said coming into the season that the team needs time to gel, this is exactly what I meant.

Unlike the UNH loss, I think you could take some good out of this one. Rebounding, effort and finishing in the post for much of the game looked better. At the six minute mark, the Dukes had a great chance to win but faded down the stretch. Still, I think they can hold their heads a little higher after this one and might have a little momentum headed into Albany.

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