Dec 7, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Saint Joseph

Duquesne @ St Joe's - We Had Them All The Way

This one clearly went the way Jim Ferry drew it up. Spot the Hawks 37 points and pounce when they put in their walk ons.

Tonight’s road loss at St Joe’s will go down in great moments in betting history for the Dukes last second cover against St Joe’s deep reserves, but it won’t sit well with Duquesne fans. The Dukes got their lid blow off from the start and twitter went nuts. This one wasn’t even competitive in reality.

The Good

Learning Opportunities. At least the Dukes got some opportunities to give extended minutes to some freshman like Darius Lewis. I didn’t think any of the starters save for Micah Mason deserved to return to the game but I guess the bench can’t play fifteen straight minutes and Ferry didn’t want to leave Hawk Hill on a completely down note.

The Bad

Everything in the first half. I literally could not believe what I saw. St Joe’s shooting was sick. The Dukes’ defense was terrible. They were throwing balls away like I haven’t seen in a long time. @LoomyG’s comment pretty much sums it up:

The Ugly

See above.

The Moment I Knew I Was Over

When you find yourself down twenty with over nine minutes left in the first and you only have nine points to you name, you can pretty much call it.

Play of the Game

In one of the rare good Duquesne defensive possessions of the first half, Halil Kanasevic drills a long late shot clock three to reward the Dukes with more pain for their efforts.

Player of the Game

Langston Galloway. The kid just didn’t miss and single – handedly outscored the Dukes in the first half. He finished four short of his career high, but he’ll remember this one for a long time.

Credit Where It’s Due

You can have wide open shots, but to make better than 60% doesn’t come from simply terrible defense. St Joe’s played well early at both ends and stepped on the Dukes’ throat real hard.

Parting Thoughts

Keep in mind, this is just the beginning of a deadly three game stretch in the Atlantic 10. It doesn’t get any easier for a little while. In reality, the Dukes aren’t as bad as they looked in the first half but they deserved to lose by more than nine. I haven’t entirely decided how I feel about the Dukes onslaught against the St Joe’s third team and walk ons but then again I think you could call  pulling your starters with ten minutes left in the game disrespectful.

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  • Spencer Applegate

    First off, let me say that I am a die hard Duquesne fan. I received my undergraduate and graduate degree there and I go to at least 10 games a year. I am a very optimistic person, however how can one be optimistic about this team after the game last night. They were down over 30 points at halftime! During my undergrad, I feel as if I was teased. My freshman year they were 3-24 and my senior year they were in the A-10 championship. I contend that the program has been mismanaged for quite some time. I understand that they are in the middle of the pack in the A10 for monetary funds going towards basketball, but the results are not there. Firing Ron Everhart was one of the worst decisions that this program has ever made. This program needs to win to become relevant and to sustain success. That is what Everhart did. I do not care if he did not take them to the tournament. He was building a program. This program will not make it to the tournament in the next two years, even with Colter, White, Mason and others. It is sad that when they fired Everhart, they set the program back a decade, at least. I will support Jim Ferry, however I will do so cautiously. If they do not make serious strides next year, I think it is time to make changes at the Athletic Director position.

    • face

      What was he building? Where was the foundation?

      • Spencer Applegate

        He was building a winning program. He inherited a team that was 3-24. He took them to a 21 win season. Two CBI appearances and an NIT. They had a 10 win season in the A10 which is their highest A10 win total in one season. He was building a program that would win and contend for NCAA appearances every couple of years. That is much better than the university had in over 30 years.

        • face

          What players were going to be keeping that going? The best season he had was in large part the doing of a player that he didn’t even recruit. Each successive senior class was less and less talented. He couldn’t develop big men, and you could win the A10 with a team made of many of the players that transferred away from the program. What does that say? He wasn’t building something sustainable, not at all. If I was TJ, I’d have left too. Look at what he’s capable of when there are players around him! Instead of guys at the 3, 4, and 5 who are all out of position.

          • Spencer Applegate

            I agree with you that the teams should have succeeded more
            and failed down the stretch. Having said
            that, at least they had winning records.
            Couldn’t say that since ’94. I
            would like to know what players you are referring to who could have won the A10
            that transferred away. Bolding? Mitchell? Don’t say TJ because that was
            wrapped up in Everhart’s departure. You
            are crazy if you think they would have contributed to an A10 championship. Mitchell went to Seton Hall and was then arrested,
            after winning A10 freshman of the year, and I believe Bolding went to Fairleigh Dickinson. Those were our two highest profile transfers
            other than TJ. Btw, what crappy
            assistant coaches did he hire? And, to
            that point, why would he listen to the assistant coaches input, like you said
            he didn’t, if they are crappy coaches?
            You do not make a lot of sense.
            To my point again, and to yours, Everhart was fired because he couldn’t
            get them over the hump into the NCAA tourny.
            I will stick to my previous point and say that the university should
            have been more patient. You don’t
            appreciate what you have until it is gone.

        • Steve DiMiceli


          Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I didn’t see your initial comment.

          I’ve made arguments for and against Ron Everhart on this blog over the years. Ultimately, I think the correct decision was made. I think it has caused some short term growing pains, but I don’t believe it set the program back a decade. I think rebuild was coming regardless of who was the coach.

          That said, 2 CBI’s and an NIT don’t get you much job security in the A-10. Jim Baron lost his job after 3 NIT berths and a CBI in 5 years. Karl Hobbs took GW to the NCAA tournament three years in a row but only one CBI in his last four years and got canned. St Joe’s fans are calling for Phil Martelli’s head and he went to the last two NITs and is ten years removed from a perfect regular season. Paul Hewitt has two twenty win seasons at George Mason and the Patriots’ fans.

          Ron Everhart came in and did great things for Duquesne especially in his first three years. The next three were a disappointment and I don’t think it was a lock for the Dukes to even maintain the level around .500 they plateaued at. I suspect we’d have seen a disappointing season last year for Duquesne even if Ron had stuck around. I’d like to see Duquesne behave more like a top program than a winning one and Ron would have lost his job at a top program.

          Thanks for reading and commenting.

          • Spencer Applegate

            It was the best the program had in over two decades. Sometimes fans do not know when they have it good and let it roll. Btw, the examples you gave me for job security in the A10 all had/have job security. Baron was at RI for 11 years, yet no NCAA appearances. He did, though have 5 twenty win seasons and an NIT championship. I’d take that for Duquesne. Karl Hobbs was at GW for 10 seasons, hardly a lack of job security, and went to the NCAA tourny three times. I’d take that over ten years. Paul Hewitt may be having a down year this year, but he already has two 20 win seasons at GMU in three seasons. The point is that those schools made commitments to their coaches. The main point is that Duquesne hasn’t been a consistent winning program since the 80s. Everhart at least brought that. What really happened is Everhart took them somewhere Duquesne fans wanted to be, then Duquesne fans and the athletic department became greedy and said “you should already have been in the NCAA tournament.”

          • Steven DiMiceli


            Make no mistake. My position on Everhart went beyond the fact that he hadn’t taken the team to the NCAA tournament to the where I didn’t think he could get the team to the tournament. I think we saw a bubble team his second to last year that didn’t even make the NIT. We saw an NIT caliber team his second and maybe forth years fall well short of the mark. If he at least makes the 2011 NIT, I may have a little more hope for him, but if he can’t even get a team with the 7th and 11th all time scorers for your school as seniors plus three other thousand point scorers and a freshman TJ McConnell to the “Not In Tournament,” what kind of talent does he need to get into the big dance?

          • face

            When you look at the records in Nov-early Feb and late Feb-March, yeah, he SHOULD have done more. We had to “settle” for the CBI in years when the team was capable of a solid NIT berth if not the NCAA bubble. But you have yet to respond to the fact that – as I said below – you could probably put together a contender with the players that he couldn’t keep on the Bluff. He ALWAYS had a young team. His senior classes kept getting worse and worse – we go from AJAX to Saunders/Clark to Evans/Montiero to Johnson/Marhold. What a joke. How is a team supposed to contend when there’s never any experience because players keep leaving? When there’s never anyone in the wings because instead of teaching players, he put them in the “doghouse”? Where you have assistants who have ZERO say in game coaching? When you employ gimmicky systems like 10/40 far beyond their usefulness?

            Everhart is great at turning a program around, but he never seemed to know what to do AFTER that happened. Each of his coaching stops demonstrates that. The team was stagnant and trending downward. Saying otherwise is being dishonest.