Greg Claytor Jr. - Recruiting Profile

Part of a series detailing the merits of the players who signed letters of intent for the Dukes on signing day on February 5th, 2014. We’ll be going in alphabetical order (almost) each day, from Allen to Wittig. Let’s get to know the new class of Dukes!


Greg Claytor Jr.

Though recruited as a safety, Shaker Heights’ Greg Claytor – one of seven players from the school who signed with a Division I program – showed strong skills on both sides of the ball last year, in the defensive backfield as well as in the job of a 1000 yard running back. He was an all-district honorable mention for the latter achievement. He shared the backfield with another one of those D1 prospects, Rameses Owens – who chose to go to Robert Morris University.

Claytor has the speed required to play the safety position. Several videos on his highlight reel show him outrunning entire teams on his way to the endzone. Defensively, he seems to do well at reading the quarterback from a distance and is quick enough to get into the play from the opposite end of the field. He’s no stranger to being utilized in the run defense, which is a plus in the run-heavy NEC.

You’ll find his video here. What strikes me most apart from his speed is his acceleration.  You’ll see it in several spots. He moves well to get to a position, and then he suddenly strikes. He just changes gears so fluidly and disrupts plays. It’s really quite something.

One has to inevitably wonder, given his speed and experience as a running back, if he’ll ever see time there or perhaps as a kick returner. With Rahming likely to take on a larger role among the receivers, he may be utilized in that role a bit less. Claytor could get a shot at it.

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