James Coleman - Recruiting Profile

Part of a series detailing the merits of the players who signed letters of intent for the Dukes on signing day on February 5th, 2014. We’ll be going in alphabetical order (almost) each day, from Allen to Wittig. Let’s get to know the new class of Dukes!


James Coleman

The next player up in our recruiting profile is lineman James Coleman of Uniondale, New York and Kellenberg Memorial High School. He’s a two-way player who has received national recognition as an offense-defense player during his high school career.

Coleman is another piece of evidence that Jerry Schmitt wants to get bigger on the lines. At 6’2″ and 275 pounds, he brings size and knows it. As part of the offensive line, he shows the ability to engage with multiple defenders. He does a good job of pushing out against oncoming rushers to provide space for a running back. As a part of the defensive line, he gets to the quarter back with surprising quickness.

This is normally the part of the post where I will link to his highlight video, and I will indeed do that. But first, I must warn you. Turn your volume down. Way down. Mute it. There’s a driving, distorted heavy metal song that is too loud at any volume, and I say that as a guy in his late 20s who likes music that the older generations may think of as “noise.”

Ok, that said, here’s his video.

I’m not certain what side of the ball Schmitt will want him to play on. He did start every game on offense for Kellenberg during his senior year, but he does bring skills that are important to the defense as well, especially for the 3-4 scheme. It may end up being a game of wait-and-see for James and the Dukes – where is the need the most glaring when he’s ready to go full time?

In the short term, I’d expect him to get some work at both once practice starts. For now we welcome James Coleman to the Bluff.

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