Jawan Hill - Recruiting Profile

Part of a series detailing the merits of the players who signed letters of intent for the Dukes on signing day on February 5th, 2014. We’ll be going in alphabetical order (almost) each day, from Allen to Wittig. Let’s get to know the new class of Dukes!


Jawan Hill

Next up in our recruiting series – local product Jawan Hill, a defensive lineman out of McKeesport High School – he won’t even have to change his uniform colors. He is also one of the Big 33 participants in this Duquesne recruiting class.

He was an important piece in a pretty stifling defense, garnering 11 sacks and three batted passes along the way. His coach, George Smith, acknowledged his importance in this article in the Trib, noting that “He was the main guy in our defense. We wanted him to control the inside, and he did that phenomenally. Jawan is a great kid, a leader, a very good person.”

Hill didn’t receive a lot of Division I attention other than Duquesne, but was looked at by some strong PSAC schools in the area, including IUP, Cal U, and Slippery Rock.

Here’s the highlight video. When his coach talks about “controlling the middle,” it’s pretty easy to see what he’s talking about. It’s pretty difficult to get by Jawan. He absorbs multiple opposing blockers with ease when needed, yet can still break through to make a play in the backfield.

Still, he seems a bit more athletic than your average 3-4 defensive lineman. It’ll be interesting to see how he develops moving forward with Coach Schmitt and the rest of the guys. Weclome to Duquesne, Jawan!

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