Duquesne commit Tysean Powell finishing above the rim. via @BigCountyPreps1

First Impressions: Tysean Powell

One of my favorite things to write for We Wear The Ring are the first impressions pieces I do about new players. Generally, they come in bunches following the conclusion of the summer’s PBC Pro – Am. From time to time, I get the opportunity to watch raw game footage of a commit before seeing them in Greentree if someone posts a video online or I’m able to send away for film. It doesn’t happen often, so it’s a treat when I can find it. Luckily, I noticed one for Duquesne’s most recent commit, Tysean Powell.

-In case you missed it, here’s a link to one of his junior year games at Benedictine High School.

Generally, I prefer to look at two full games before I make any conclusions about a player and I certainly would like more recent footage to what’s available of Powell. However, I’m not likely to come up with either and I’ll take a stab based on this one game. As always please take my evaluation with a grain of salt and I highly suggest that you stop reading, watch, and form your own opinion.

If you’re feeling lazy, he scored 19 points on 70% from the field and I’ve got you covered for a rough scouting report.

Athleticism/Physical Makeup

In the linked game, Powell’s likely a little shorter and a little thinner than he is at present. According to a Q + A with Stephen Nesbitt, he’s currently 6’7” and 215 pounds. There are players who seem to hang in the air forever. I felt like Powell was one of the them and I came away impressed with his leaping ability and body control more than anything else. He also showed strong hands and quick first step.


Powell liked to hang around the perimeter as the offensive set developed and before going hard to the glass with or without the ball. He started most of his drives from beyond the three point arc and once he got started to the hoop, he didn’t often kick out to a teammate. Powell didn’t take a single three point shot, but he did hoist three mid range jumpers.

On defense, he seemed to focus on ball pressure. Whether blocking a shot or going for the steal, he seemed happy to take a risk or get into the opponent’s face.

Effort to Output

I thought he played with a lot of intensity. Not sure if he had another gear.

Decision Making

I won’t chastise him too much here because he was a junior. However, at times he appeared to do too much. He tried going coast to coast three times stuffing it home once but turning it over twice on a charge and a travel.

Player Comparison

It’s going to be difficult to not compare a lanky lefty like Powell to Dominique McKoy with him so fresh in my mind.

First Year Outlook

I’ll defer my usual conclusion until July. I’m not expecting much from him, but as a rule, I don’t expect much from any freshman forwards. I see Powell as an investment in the future. If the they get anything from him at all next year, it’s gravy.

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