March Pro Dukes Update: Bill Clark, Damian Saunders, Kojo Mensah

Mike James G NBA Free Agent

Mike James appeared in eleven games for the Bulls this year, but has yet to sign with another team after Chicago cut him loose twice.

Damian Saunders F Delaware D-League

Saunders keeps getting better little by little. He’s up to 11.2 points per game while his rebounding has kept steady at 7.5 for every outing. He still has his struggles from the free throw line and probably takes too many threes. Of course, he really needs to show an improved jumper if he hopes to climb the professional ladder.

Aaron Jackson G CSKA – Russia

Jackson played five games in February averaging nine points and three assists across both the Euroleague and the VTB domestic league. He put up seven assists against Galatasaray and eleven points against Maccabi Tel Aviv. As far as I can tell, it would have been the first time two former Dukes met in the Euroleague, but…

Shawn James C Maccabi Tel Aviv – Israel

James is no longer listed on the Maccabi roster.

Kieron Achara PF Lukoil Academic – Bulgaria

Kieron Achara played limited minutes in three games for first place Lukoil. I was under the impression that their season was supposed to end this month but now, there are dates listed until April. Of course, it’s gibberish so I can’t tell you for sure what’s happening.

Bill Clark SF Mykolaiv – Ukraine

Bill Clark has gotten off to a great start averaging twelve points, five rebounds and three assists, but it’s he and his fans safety I’m more concerned with than his basketball. Mykolaiv is located near the Black Sea northwest of the Crimean Peninsula and south of Kiev. Hopefully, the tensions will not escalate and I’ll be able to provide an update on Clark in the beginning of April rather than a brief note that the season was cancelled due to civil war.

Melquan Bolding Qatar – Qatar

Evidently, they pay basketball in Qatar but not much. Their season ended in January.

BJ Monteiro Redwell Gunners Oberwart – Austria

Monteiro averaged over twenty points in three February games bringing his season totals to a robust 19.8 over his thirteen game stint with Oberwart this season. I’d tell you where the Gunners sit in the Austrian league but I have no idea what’s going on there with a split standings.

Andre Marhold St. Polten – Austria

Marhold has played twice for St Polten averaging 8 points and 4.5 rebounds a game. According to his profile, he’s hit 3 of 4 three pointers, but only 1 for 8 from the free throw line.

Kojo Mensah Gigantes – Venezuela

Mensah makes two former Dukes playing in countries experiencing political unrest as he began his season in the Venezuelan league. He’s a reserve wing for the club chipping in 6.1 points per game in eight February games.

Eric Evans PG Oulun – Finland

Still nothing!


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