Miguel Mesa - Recruiting Profile

Part of a series detailing the merits of the players who signed letters of intent for the Dukes on signing day on February 5th, 2014. We’ll be going in alphabetical order (almost) each day, from Allen to Wittig. Let’s get to know the new class of Dukes!


Miguel Mesa

To try to catch up a bit, we’re going to get two in today. Tim McConnell’s was posted earlier this morning. Now, we shift our attention to offensive lineman Miguel Mesa, a transfer from ASA College in New York. Mesa brings a pretty good pedigree to the Bluff with him. He was part of a Northeast Conference championship team while at ASA – just obviously not that NEC. He was also an all-state selection during his senior year of high school in Florida.

Mesa will likely get some immediate action at Duquesne. He’s 6’5″ and 300 pounds – exactly the kind of size you want to add to your line. The question must be if his hands and footwork are good enough to match his frame.

I have some good news, because I watched this video of his play during high school. If you like the Packers, you’ll love this, as they have the exact same uniforms. Oh, if you don’t like that newfangled music the kids are listening to, you’ll want to mute this. The video is accompanied by “Bodies,” by Drowning Pool. Yeah.

Anyway, the good news is that he does in fact seem to have good hands and is able to stay engaged with his defender. He’s also reasonably quick, oftentimes moving to the opposite side of the line after the ball is snapped to block for the running back.

Mesa could be at least a partial cure for the stagnant Duquesne running game. He’ll certainly be in position to earn a spot right away. If he can offer some more protection for our RBs and QB, Duquesne fans will be happy. Certainly the potential is there. Glad to have you, Miguel Mesa.

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