Tim McConnell - Recruiting Profile

Part of a series detailing the merits of the players who signed letters of intent for the Dukes on signing day on February 5th, 2014. We’ll be going in alphabetical order (almost) each day, from Allen to Wittig. Let’s get to know the new class of Dukes!


Tim McConnell

Woah – it’s been a few days! Life gets in the way sometimes, and that’s just how it goes, but we’re back now to talk about the other half of the Pennsauken duo, Tim McConnell. You’ll recall that his teammate Matt Fitzpatrick is also a part of this recruiting class.

Where Matt was the bruiser, Tim is the cruiser – a 6’0″ safety who can simply fly. He also has experience on the offensive side of the ball, combining fairly evenly for 2000 total yards last year. At the time of writing, I was unable to find out any information regarding other schools that may have pursued McConnell.

The highlight film is here, though be warned – it’s 48 minutes long. If you’re looking for defensive highlights right off the bat, you’ll be disappointed. Skip to about 34 minutes and you’ll start seeing him as a defensive back. Sometimes. It’s not all that well organized if you’re looking for one specific position. It’s very good if you want evidence of his speed, though. There are plenty of running plays to demonstrate that.

Tim is athletic, that much is sure, and his role on the team may evolve from the safety position that he was recruited for. Welcome to Duquesne, Tim.

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