2014 Blogger Atlantic 10 All Conference Awards

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For the forth year in a row, We Wear the Ring has assembled a group of the brightest and most willing bloggers who follow the league to vote for our Atlantic 10 All Conference Awards.  In a year that many expected the Atlantic 10 to fall out of the national spotlight due to defections, the remaining programs proved it’s here to stay, and fans may have been treated to the best season in conference history.  An unprecedented depth of talent and no easy outs over the sixteen game schedule have produced very entertaining basketball.  Thirty different players, at least one from every team, received a vote for the all conference teams in our poll and as many as six teams have put themselves in a great position to dance.

This year, the following writers submitted ballots.

Tom Blackburn, Blackburn Review

Ian Nolan, College Chalk Talk

Dave Ascoli, Rhody Rampage

Andrew Wiseman, Colonial Hoops

Jaden Daly, A Daly Dose of Hoops

Taj79, Billikens.com

Alan Kelly, MasonHoops

Christopher Kowalczyk, Around the Horns

Jordan Majewski, Staring at the Floor Boards

Mat Shelton, VCU Ram Nation

Rogabee, We Wear the Ring

Steve DiMiceli, We Wear the Ring


Thanks to everyone who participated.

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