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IMG_0507Guess who’s back? This guy. Sorry for being away for so long, but here we go with some updates! This isn’t new – it was announced on the 12th of June – but all conversation is good conversation so here are some thoughts on the subject!

The football team has announced that every single game – except for the Homecoming game, which will be against West Liberty – will start at noon. The exception that I noted will start at one.

First, let me say that I am an unabashed hater of afternoon start times for football games. I think it comes from the time I’ve spent around high school football, where the games are always in the evening.

Second, while it isn’t news, I must say that I hate homecoming being against West Liberty and much preferred last year’s matchup. Timing works the way that it does, and it can’t always work perfectly with the league schedule, but I’m disappointed in this.

I also don’t like that this isn’t homecoming in the traditional sense – this will actually be the third of a three-game homestand.

That said, we have seven home games this year, plus some very travel-able road matchups with Buffalo, YSU, and Saint Francis. The dedicated Duquesne fan could conceivably get to ten games this year. What’s bad about that?

I have the Sacred Heart game circled on my calendar. That game meant a lot last year and could again. I love ending the season against local rival Robert Morris – that’s an exceedingly fun way to finish off the schedule.

The full schedule can be found here. The only game that we’re still in the dark about is the Central Connecticut game on October 11th.

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