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Second Impressions: Tysean Powell

They say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, but I’ll give Tysean Powell the opportunity. After all, I only got to see him in action once the last time I broke him down. Let’s see how my opinions have changed now that I’ve seen him play quite a bit more.

Athleticism/Physical Makeup

In March I wrote:

In the linked game, Powell’s likely a little shorter and a little thinner than he is at present. According to a Q + A with Stephen Nesbitt, he’s currently 6’7” and 215 pounds. There are players who seem to hang in the air forever. I felt like Powell was one of the them and I came away impressed with his leaping ability and body control more than anything else. He also showed strong hands and quick first step.

It turns out Powell is smaller than the 6’7” he was originally listed at, but he possesses an impressive wingspan that allows him to play bigger than his head height. Over the summer, he confirmed that he can jump out of the gym as I thought. He has a wiry frame that could stand to add some weight with out compromising Powell’s athleticism. By the time he’s finished, I suspect he could potentially play any interior position as well as the three.


Powell has an attack, attack, attack mentality. He stayed mostly inside though he did show a willingness to handle the basketball in transition and around the perimeter. He didn’t shoot many three’s but he showed the ability to finish in a number of ways around the basket including post and face up moves with the basketball. When he had the chance to finish strong, he did. He also showed better than expected vision and often found teammates trailing the break, driving backdoor and waiting for a kick out beyond the three point line.

Effort to Output

He played hard and tended to have one great half every game and one so-so half.

Decision Making

Powell did force plays at times but he didn’t always force them. He took what defenses gave him and showed a knack for finding holes. More often than not he made the smart play.

Player Comparison

Powell’s body type and size make him a dead ringer for Andre Marhold, but the Ohio forward has confidence with the ball that didn’t develop in his predecessor until his senior year. For that reason, I don’t think he’s a good comparable. I don’t know if Powell will have the kind of defense or rebounding he has, but on offense, Powell reminds me of Rhode Island’s Hassan Martin.

First Year Outlook

Powell has the potential to be a rare impact forward as a freshman. He likely won’t play more than 15-20 minutes a game, but I think he’ll make them count. I can realistically project that he  could chip in 6 points and 4 rebounds thanks to his physical tools and the mind set. That ain’t bad.

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